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This is the course that taught me how to build...


"Electronic Commerce (E-Comm) Stores"---- i.e. Online Stores*



Online Stores!


I've built many stores!

And guess what? After I finished - I found that...


I didn't even want to sell anything.

"What the heck?"--I know right!


Well, for a couple reasons.


I wanted to start a business, but I didn't want a business that involved having to manage a TON of inventory and addressing A TON of customer invoices, customers themselves*,  product relay, returns...ect. UGH. All that & more that involves managing any store.

I'm good!

I already have my skill sets that I self employ through my company here...

One of them being my professional skillset as a RDH. And the other-

You guessed it.

Building Online Stores.


(insert promo card)



Selling thingsas mentioned above...just didn't drive me. 


There's tons of people that started a profession and then realized--

"Oh hey, this is O.K. but I'd rather do something else."

Kinda like me.

SO! Here's my something else ;)


And I 


 Here I am.

Offering to build online stores for Dental Offices & @ a discounted* price if they choose to give some of the store proceeds to- 'Big Brother Big Sisters' (BBBS).

But "Why are you doing this?"


Well, the in-depth answer as to "Why I'm really doing this?" Can be read here in my blog post.
But the short answer is,
​ I didn't have a lot of support when I was a kid emotionally and it - was really tough...And I know it was tough...

For many of kids.

Just like myself.

So I'd like to provide my services to others in business that care enough to do the same.

That, through our collaboration in business...


To fundraise and provide more emotional support to kids in our communities.



Through my business's services. 

And for a 2k Deposit I can deliver a fully functional pre-made template of a Store to YOU

Within 2 weeks.


50% of the deposit IS REFUNDABLE!

Say it the store is something that isn't your forte - it's 1k back to you while the other 1k is kept my my business for labor costsHowever! And this is the exciting part...Say you do choose to purchase the online store -  My business then connects with you
via your preference: In-Person, Zoom, and/or by Phone


And outlines ALL THE STEPS:

Regarding Store implementation



...Store functionality, store launch testing, Final store launch, the generation of store revenue*...

All the way to store sales, even *Facebook marketing 
(included in some of our site plans here)

And all the way up to....

- Store Transfer -


To you.


And better yet.


And I think more importantly - The training of 'Store Management' to either

You and/or 1 Employee.

Or also

Another Independent Contractor.

Thank you for taking the time* to read through this brief summary of:

The TBA Store Building Avenue/Service


So please, any questions you have about my business's store building procedure &/Or Cost

Please schedule TODAY Below!

What will happen when I submit the Deposit Today?: Submission can happen 1 of 2 Ways..


  1. (submit then email an/or call me)

  2. Submit PayPal $100 Booking Consult Call Fee. (*50% refundable.)


  • HERE

  • After submission of payment via that link: You will be re-routed to schedule you Store Consult Call: (Consult Call includes...

  • A.) Store Labor Cost Option(s)  (via 3 plans to choose from on our sites main page here),

  • B.) Total Store Cost & Fundraising bonus Discount Options,

  • C.) Time Frame for Store Completion & Launch.

  • D.) Marketing Options

  • E.) Of course addressing any other store implementation questions as well as any other questions you have regarding your interest in store purchase cost & associated labor cost. 

  • You will be Then schedule your call through this booking link by Calendly. And I will call! (15 MIN LEEWAY 100% refund if I do not


Get get back to you within that time frame and you forfeit 100% of the fee if you do not answer within that time.

Talk about pandering to the sexes, but it worked didn't it.

I took the course, built my store (tried a couple). And when it came to forming an LLC based on which ever store I built -

It wasn't for me.

I didn't want to sell just random sh*t from Ali-ba ba to people. That thought wasn't  something that motivated me to get outta bed each morning...I had to find my purpose.

I also didn't want to deal with the massive inventory of "things" and even having to deal with invoices to return things - all by myself!

I mean jeez, I imagined my store doing well, if not well enough, and then I didn't even have the staff to handle all of the back and forth between customers...Why scramble like a mad woman to do all of that to sell chinsey things to people whom I have no good standing relationship with?

So I didn't.

So I started some other avenues and came back full circle to this most recent company #TBA that I started in order to accomplish that.

My true passion is wanting provide more support to kids mental health - but how would I do that without selling...well to be frank- junk.

I decided to become self employed through my business, here, throught he contracted plans offered on our site, in order to market my skill-set(s). One of which is building an online store via shopify in the field of E-com - TO ALREADY ESTABLISHED BUSINES OWNERS WITH AN ALREADY PRESENT AND LONGLASTING RELATIONSHIP TO THEIR CLIENTELE.

And those of you as dentists already get that - it takes years.

If I started something like that would most definitely, of course, take years.

And there's so many other avenues in my life where I've WAITED years* for those "good things to come" (one of which is my degree from U of M) and I'll tell you right now. Right here.

I'm ready to go - NOW!

I've waited long enough.

If you're ready to come out of the dark ages and TRULY bring your dental practice into the 21st Century...

I mean, IF you want to provide more support to the youth in your community via the organization 'Big Brothers Big Sisters' (BBBS)* through giving back a -  small  -  monthly proceed in your store's acquired income. 

And this is a tough one, but -  

Listen, not many of people are able to do this next one so I understand if YOU CAN'T, but ... if ...


If you can actually give a d@mn

About that purpose...Then this online dental store is for you.





I told you! That line probably took out 80% of those reading this and - thank goodness. My services are not for those people. They're ONLY for those of you that do, and I mean seriously do, give a F**** door ( *front door ) - about this issue. This purpose that is unbelivably important to, not just me, but to those of us that are still here reading this. 


That know about the turmoil and cancer of the soul when you feel helpless in a household that does not:

A.) take care of your emotional well being.

B.) Care about your physical well being


or most notably of which - 


C.) Both A & B


Wheter it was you that sadly experienced that, or you know of someone that did -  


ALL I'm saying is that...


I created this business, and my other business, to set up avenues that solely work toward that purpose.

Because I was option C.

Maybe you were neither options - and please know, thatnk God for that. In this imperfect world - thanks God, thank the moon, thank the lucky stars if that was you because we need more of that. I want more of that for people growing up. Because it is so desperatley need and I'm happy that, again if that is you...

Where you didn't have to expereince A or B, - I'm  so happy for that for you. 


And well, I just feel there ought to be more of that because why not? 

There's more of every ridiculous and unnecessary whatever else in world: new netflix shows/movie, drugs, crime, excess money, excess insanity, excess EXCESS - the list goes on.

Pfft...Why not just another something that's atleast good.

Besides guns & war.

Because - by all we have way too much excess of that.

I mean, at this point. And even throughout the ages. But at this point in modern civilization ~ to S T I L L  have this level of callous disregard for humanity and even that and then some for the youth of this world? 

It is beyond heartbreaking at this point.

So, this avenue of offering my newly acquired store building expertise to you via my grassroots start-up as a dentist at a 50% discount to the cost of the store if you choose to give back, in the way as mentioned above, is what I can do at this moment in time.

And I get it.

WE ALL do what we can with what we have - at the time. I can't tell you how much I get that. 


For those of you that, at this moment in time, C A N.

This is for you.

Everyone else - see yah! Wouldn't wanna be yah.

All you "At this time, I can't." people. Yeah I also wish you the best but hasta la vista because the avenues my business offers were never for you kind's of people and I'm glad I wrote it down here to get everyone's priorities straight - including mine. 

No more waiting.

We're ready to GO BLUE now...

This dental store build avenue is for those of you who are about, right now, and are...



If you are ready to make an impact     N   O    W

Ready to get their dental online store draft TODAY.

I'm ready to go now and if you are too. And I know you are if you 're still reading up to this point then...

Follow the THREE STEP Countdown* below...






(consider clearing the bottom)

Give a damn about not making money for just the sake of making money -

STILL WANT TO MAKE MONEY - again, let's clear. We do still want that.

But also...

Give a damn about strengthening your business's monthly, yearly, and even long lasting sustainable generated income (in & out of person) - All while doing business with a purpose.

And in this case, that purpose is for providing mental health resources to kid's in each and every of our communities. And guess where that starts?


Start's with you. (Smokey meme)

Oh, you thought I was done? Ha! 

Just getting started.

"Hang on a sec. This isn't for me." ...or.... "This isn't the way I want to go about doing this."

Well, that's where I was. I thought "This isn't the way I want to go about doing this..."

I wanted more.

I wanted to use my labor and time to support a cause I care for.






if my client chooses to give that.

Now that I've started

I have many interests. So much so, that I became good enough to sell them to people who want them. And - what is that? (drum roll)

Yes, you guessed it. Building online stores.


Well, firstly the main reason is because selling things does not motivate me and there are other business owners that would be over the moon to have an online store to sell all of the product they already have!

Other business owners? Owners like YOU. 

I'd rather offer my store building skill-set to business owners that have a vast inventory, if not access to an already established clientele that trusts them, and also enough staff to keep up with the sales and everything else that comes with it - So here we are!

Here you* are and if you know of someone that would also jump at having an online store build for them through Shopify - please share our site's link!

And secondly, is because...


Let's see what your online store can start* to look like!

"I want an online store to sell my dental  Products to clientele & market online  but...Why should I go through you?"

Why should I let you build me a store

Online Store Building

Google & Fact Check our business!


Yes! Google #TBA. 

I understand you JUST received this email from a certain someone, moi, out of the blue ~ so is this business legit?

Well, let's find out!

I happen to be the founder of this wonderful website you are on #TBA. I hope that's clear. But

I mean, if I were you and I received an email from some business owner out of the blue talking about how I went to school at "U of M" wouldn't you want to verify? I would!  - Also, you can find all of my LLC's registered info online as well. Very important! Credibility is important for me and if you're reading this now, I bet it is for you too. :)

And -  if you haven't done so already, check out my Personal Blog & Credentials section on my site to get a first hand look and more insight on why I started up this business


Biz location info 2.JPG
Google TBA.JPG
Google TBA_edited.jpg
Ann Arbor Times.JPG

Yes! Google me. 

I understand you JUST received this email from a certain someone, moi, out of the blue ~ so who am I? Well, let's find out!

I happen to be the founder of this wonderful website you are on.

I mean, if I were you and I received an email from some business owner out of the blue talking about how I went to school at "U of M" wouldn't you want to verify? I would!  - Also, you can find all of my LLC's registered info online as well. Very important! Credibility is important for me and if you're reading this now, I bet it is for you too. :)

And -  if you haven't done so already, check out my Personal Blog & Credentials section on my site to get a first hand look and more insight on why I started up this business


Well, maybe you should and maybe you shouldn't. Let's find out shall we?

My Online Store Building Background

The Deposit  payment for your online dental store draft is
50% Refundable.  A 2k Deposit - Today. 


I know, however in the grand scheme of things, the ROI of it all is worth it ontop of the entire reason you're interested in having a U of M grass-roots start up build you a store for you dental products.



  • After you submit the payment...
    #TBA contacts you within 1-2 business days! 

    I call you via your payment details on file and or via chat message/email when you reach out. 

    We connect either by phone or email and I collect all the info from you regarding the media you would like included for your online store draft. 



  • From the day I receive ALL of the submitted materials from you ( photos, logo ideas, color scheme preference, content I take one week to deliver you the draft of your new online store!


  • Just as stated above...50% of your deposit today is Refundable!

    So, if after you see the draft of the store and it is AMAZING  (b/c it will be)...but maybe it's - maybe you're just way too picky and missed a scheduled date with your therapist - who knows!

    And you decide to be kind of a whimp. Well, okay. I don't understand that. But to each their own.

    The point is, regardless of what conclusion you come to, you are absolutely entitled to the 50% deposit return reafgardless of your decision.

    And as the founder of #TBA I will absolutely and unequivocally honor that. Hands down. :)



YOU LOVE IT - We're done. Kidding. Again if you are the type of person that can have compassion for the purpose of this grassroots online store building endeavor for dental practices...




Have the foresight to see beyond the limited ( 1 week ) version draft of your store and are willing to communicate and collaborate over a 3 - 6month period over the full construction & implementation of your store...


We continue!

A meet-up between us is set at my business's co-working space where I go over with you the
business plan's contracted labor cost,
The contracted online dental store's build time frame with landmark objectifiable completion dates that occur in stages.
All documented for your review.

Signing for the contracted work!



What will happen when I submit payment

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


Google Me!



Submit Your 2k Deposit For Your Curated Online Dental Store Today!
Thank You
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